Manhattan, New York

In my New York City apartment. October, 2016

Chasing Time is a complex and melodically rebellious piece, which includes parts for flute, violin, viola, cello, shakuhachi and percussion. Chasing Time was originally written under commission by the Tenri Cultural Institute. They commissioned a composition featuring the Asian inspired instrument of the shakuhachi. Originally made from root bamboo the shakuhachi can produce virtually any pitch, and can play a wide repertoire of music including everything from, folk music to jazz. One can listen for its unique tone and sound.

Bedford Hills, New York

Playing the piano at my home in upstate New York. October, 2016

Winter Whispers tells the story of a winter snowstorm. Snowstorms are ever-changing creatures which, while frantic and unwieldily at times, are also persistent and enduring. Winter Whispers aims to capture these undisciplined and fractious evolutions in the life of a snowstorm. Technically, the piece is grounded in a simple four note melody which is interwoven throughout the entire work. As this melody is handed down between voices and given new contexts, I would encourage you to listen for its subtle yet discernible role.