20 Years: 1 Page



20 Years: 1 Page




Yale University, New Haven, CT, Current Bachelor of Science in Psychology — Class of 2021

The Dwight School, New York, NY, International Baccalaureate Degree — Class of 2017

Spark of Innovation Award and Scholarship — Fall 2016

Recognition for the three year long project, creating the OurDwight app. Received a grant for the creation and implementation of OurDwight. Also received a scholarship award in recognition of the completion of the fifth and final level of the Spark Tank program.

Dean’s List - 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017

Work Experience

Intern, Butterfly Network — Summers, 2017, 2018 and 2019

Internship for breakthrough medical imaging company, Butterfly, for summers ’17, ’18 and ’19.

Summer of 2017, designed and wire-framed iPad app for the 2018 release of the handheld ultrasound device, “iQ”. Worked with internal design team and product management team to create a unified design. Traveled regularly between offices in New York City and Guilford Connecticut.

Summer of 2018, worked with medical imaging team and R&D team to design intelligent iOS interfaces for 3D bladder volume scanning and 3D baby face functionality. Worked with in-house ultrasound technicians and MDs to design optimal 3D scanning workflow and design for patients and physicians.

Summer of 2019, worked with the Product Marketing team to ramp up global sales. Focus on new launch in international markets, including UK, Ireland and Australia. Worked with Digital Media team, project managing a series of live webinar product demonstrations directed to doctors across the US. Worked with Event Marketing to open a 2-day pop-up store in NYC to drive brand awareness and sales. Worked with third party contractor to design a regional lead program for converting potential customers at trade shows and events. Worked with social marketing and the platform Sprout to manage customer responses and posts on social media. Streamlined internal systems including reorganizing third-party invoice workflow with accounts payable and developing an internal wiki for customer-facing marketing assets.


Intern, Amplify — Summers, 2015 and 2016

Internship for leading educational games company for summers '15 and ‘16. Performed internal testing of pre-market games and developed interface design for analytics system for teachers. Worked with internal analytics team to track user actions. Worked with focus group team to document student responses to pre-market games. Participation in weekly departmental meetings and long term planning.


Intern, Jed Foundation — Summer, 2014

Internship for leading non-profit organization dedicated to mental health literacy and suicide prevention among adolescents and college students. Participated in strategic planning meetings, including program development for the partnership between the JED Foundation and the Clinton Foundation. Performed research on various topics, including current events related to mental health issues and investigation of colleges’ mental health support programs. Helped run fundraising event for “Love is Louder,” a partnership between JED Foundation and MTV.

Music Composition

Mentorship in Music Composition, Center for Educational Enrichment — 2010-2017

Studied music theory and composition with master teacher, Justin Hines. Wrote multiple compositions, focusing on classically-themed compositions for various instrumental ensembles, ranging from piano and saxophone duet, to string quartet, to works for a full orchestra. Several works have been selected by professional ensembles for public performances, and several have been recorded in sound studios and are now available on iTunes and Spotify.


Independent Study in Music Composition, Dwight School — 2014-2017

Study with Alistair Hamilton, Director of Music at Dwight School. Focused on advanced concepts in music theory, including complex chord progressions, advanced instrumentation, and the basics of conducting.


Performance of “Colors” by Face the Music
Roulette, Brooklyn, NY — May 2, 2016
Duet for piano & saxophone commissioned by Jenny Undercoffler, Director of Face the Music.

JAMU I and JAMU II: World Premier of “Chasing Time, Movements I and II” by Classical Jam
Tenri Cultural Institute, New York, NY — January 17, 2015 and March 6, 2016.
Composition for strings, flute, percussion and shakuhachi, commissioned by Tenri Cultural Institute; first movement premiered in 2015 and second movement premiered in 2016.

Performance of “Chasing Time, Movements I and II” by Classical Jam
Barge Music, Brooklyn, NY — October 23, 2015.

Performance of “Winter Whispers”
Carnegie Hall, New York, NY — February 25, 2017
Composition for flute, clarinet, horn, piano, and strings. Selected for performance as part of the Dwight School Concert, “Music of the Seasons” in Zankel Hall.

Performance of “Winter Whispers” by Face the Music
Merkel Hall, New York, NY — June 18, 2017


App and Website Design

Website & App, OurDwight, The Dwight School — 2014-2017

Designed and manage a website and app (available for iOS and Android) for Dwight students that includes student chat, real-time student maps, student news and announcements, and portals for student-directed projects and events. (See: ourdwight.com)


Website Design, Suivant NYC — 2016-2017

Designed and manage the website for Suivant NYC. Suivant NYC is a New York City based clothing company which designs clothing "For the Youth by the Youth". Set up internal analytics system as well as an online store and standard company pages. (See: suivantnyc.com)


Website Design, Rising From Youth — 2015-2016

Designed and managed the website for the Rising From Youth, an organization that utilizes a holistic model to provide mentorship, life skills workshops and academic support for at-risk youth between the ages of 13 and 19. (See: risingfromyouth.org)


Website Design, The Dwight Open World Program — 2015-2016

Designed the website for the Dwight Open World Program, the official portal for online content and teacher-student interaction, used by all students, including many international students, participating in Dwight’s Online International Baccalaureate classes.